The Church of the
Holy Family


Jesus I Trust in You


The Church of the Holy Family Chesterfield
is a wonderful community situated just south of the town.

Our beautiful little church was built in 1929,
and in 1931 it became a Chapel of Ease for the Church of the Annunciation.
The Parish was formed in 1942, and the Church was later consecrated
in 1998.


Below is a list of previous Parish Priests


Fr. F Lang

Fr. E Neary - 1952 - 1980

Fr. M. O’Meara - 1980 - 1991 (Parish Administrator)

Fr. F. P. Flynn - 1992 - 2014

Fr. M. G. McManus - 2014 - 2016

Fr. A.P.I. Tomlinson - 2016 - Present