New Parish Council Formed

The inaugural meeting of the new Parish Council was held on Thursday
27th September 2018. The minutes of our meetings will be shared once
they have been approved by the council members.

We are all looking forward to being involved in this new phase of
Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish.

The members are Liz Stead (Chair), John Harden (Vice-Chair),
Lisa Eustace (secretary), Alex Breedon, Chris Phillips, Nicola Brown,
Alex Downing, Helen Briscoe, Derek Cullen, Simon Godsell, Mary Lowry,
Colette McAteer, Rengi Mathew, Leonie Martin, Vittorio Risorto,
Cait Thurlow, Debbie Waters and Jenny Woodruffe.

Liz has agreed to become Chair of the new Parish Council because
she believes that we are already moving towards a new and united
community as Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish.

We need to nurture our infant Parish.

The PC wants to consolidate, support, initiate and publicise all that is
happening in our large parish. The Council’s role is to give positive help to
all groups and individuals. We want to reach out to everyone in this new
parish and so strengthen our community.
Our long-term goal is to reach out to those outside our Parish.