Upendo Children’s Home


In 1985 a group of parishioners visited Kenya and Tanzania.
We then began sending baby and young children’s clothes to Upendo Children’s Home in Moshi. Over a period of twenty years many dozens of parcels were sent to the home.

In more recent years, the Children’s Home requested financial assistance rather than clothing.  In response to this, donations are now collected and sent to the home, usually annually, to help the Sisters buy baby milk and other essentials.


Upendo Children's Home

Please remember the children’s home in your prayers.


Supporting the Children’s Home is now established as part of the Parish’s Covenant with the Poor.

Annunciation Church
Food Collections


In support of those in need,
regular collections of tinned and non-perishable foodstuffs
are made on a rota basis.
If you are able to donate items please leave them
in the appropriate box at the back of church.

1st Sunday of the month
St Wilfrid’s Centre, Sheffield
Items requested: Tins of vegetables,
tins of baked beans, cheese.

2nd Sunday of the month
St Michael’s Soup Kitchen, Grace Chapel
Items requested: Tins of meat, vegetables, potatoes,
soup. Tinned puddings (eg sponge puddings, rice pudding),
tinned fruit.
Also needed on a regular basis are bread, fruit juice,
coffee, tea bags, sugar, instant custard powder,
plastic knives, forks and spoons.

3rd Sunday of the month
Items requested: Jars of coffee, sugar, cartons of long-life milk,
jars of cooking sauces.

4th Sunday of the month
Chesterfield Food Banks
Items requested: Milk (UHT or powdered), sugar, fruit juice,
soup, pasta sauces, tinned sponge puddings, tinned tomatoes,
cereals, tinned rice pudding, tea bags, instant coffee,
instant mash potato, dried pasta, tinned meat, tinned fish,
tinned fruit, jam, biscuits, snack bars.

Pennies for Petrinja


Pennies for Petrinja has the simple mission of raising money
to be taken each year and distributed to the needy
in the small town of Petrinja near Zagreb in Croatia.
Every penny contributed goes to Petrinja
and also to the home for severely disabled children in Oborovo.
To find out more please speak to Laurie or Sheelagh
at Annunciation Church.
Or scroll down page for contact details.

Chesterfield Catenians


Chesterfield Catenians, with around 35 members, welcome new ‘Brothers’
who are soon made to feel at home.
Our Circle meets and dines once a month, usually at the Proact Stadium,
Sheffield Rd, Chesterfield.
A varied programme includes events to suit all tastes -
outings, monthly pub lunches, country walks, weekends away,
sporting events, and special Masses (always followed by a meal!)  

The Association was set up over 100 years ago as a Catholic men’s organisation for people with a business or professional background.
Nowadays, any practising Catholic layman who enjoys mixing with people
from a wide range of backgrounds is welcome to join.
Meetings apart, almost all the social events are open to members’ wives
and families, and to their widows, who often remain fully
and enthusiastically involved.
Our wives have a flourishing informal ladies’ group which arranges outings and social events of their own.

Chesterfield Circle is one of a dozen Circles which meet regularly
within the East Midlands; there are similar groupings throughout the UK.
The Catenian Association, with over 10,000 members,
has Circles also in parts of Australia,
Malta, Southern Africa, India and Ireland.
It holds provincial, national and international events
and holiday pilgrimages from time to time, operates several
thriving charities, and actively supports the Church and wider community.
A monthly magazine, Catena, keeps everyone informed
of events and opportunities throughout the Association.
You’ll find much  more information on our national website below.

Above all, Catenians enjoy each other’s company in many activities;
indeed our ‘mission statement’ is,
‘Strengthening family life through Friendship and Faith’.

Members are encouraged to visit other Circles
and get to know fellow Catenians elsewhere –
and they know that if they move to live or work in another part of the UK,
there will be a Circle ready to welcome them.

If you would like to know more about the Catenians,
you can contact our Membership Officer, Richard Turner by

Clicking here

Alternatively you can contact our Secretary, John Dixon by

Clicking here

Any queries you may have will be answered quickly and informally.
Should you want to look into it further you’d be invited
to meet Brothers over a meal
and to attend a Circle meeting before deciding if the Association’s for you.

Do give us a call!